Tuesday, June 06, 2006

EILEEN: new york, new york

When last you heard from Jenny, she was on her way here. Well, here she is along with Krissie and me, and we're kicking butt. Well, we are after I finally recovered my underwear after my luggage went MIA all day yesterday, and after we got official appointments out of the way.
Now we're cloistered in the apartment with tea, cookies and chinese food and have the whole book on a time line---color coded. Jen is quite amazing. She keeps saying, "Now, what time does this happen?" And I'm afraid my answer is usually, 'Oh, about then." "Is that 3:00 then or 3:30 then?" The best note of all on the chart is "5:00PM Lizzie and Elric: Nightgown fight." And yes, you have to read it to find out what that means.
``Oh, and now Jen's demanding more times from me, and I"m distracted by you. So I have to go now and tell her when Dee eats dinner. More later.



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