Tuesday, March 14, 2006

KRISSIE: The Goddess Rules

Don't you love Jenny's collage? Absolutely gorgeous. I've tried making collages, done workshops etc., but all I end up with is a bunch of pretty pictures and words that seemed like they might be a good idea at the time but end up with no resemblance at all to the finished book. When I look at collages done by friends like Jenny, Barbara Samuel or Jill Barnett I know exactly which book they represent. I think maybe I need to do a collage coat instead, since sewing/quilting is the closest thing I get to a visual art.
Well, I finished the first draft while I was trapped in a hotel room last week, and if it's not brilliant it's damned close. The problem is, I've been evil and shut the other two sisters out, which makes it a lot easier to write. All my Lizzie has to worry about is Elric the Magnificent, master alchemist (and if anyone is making a connection to the anime series Full Metal Alchemist then you're not off-base). It's tough having a middle sister -- the oldest sister fights the battles and takes care of the younger ones, the youngest sister gets to be the rebel, and the middle sister just sort of sits there.
The thing is, I'm a middle sister and trust me, I'm a powerhouse. So I figure Lizzie is too, in her own, quiet way.
Lizzie's gift is alchemy, and she hates it -- gifts like that stole her family, sent her on the run away from the bad guys, keep her from holding a job, make her house overrun with bunnies. She longs for safety and normalcy -- she doesn't want to transmute things, either accidentally or on purpose. She just wants to learn enough to make gold and then fuggedaboudit (is that how you spell it?) and marry a boring man who's lousy in bed.
Aha! She's in for a surprise, the lucky girl. Elric the Magnificent is very very good in bed.

So in the first draft she's happily orgasmic, but how she learns to accept her gift has yet to be determined. That's for when the three of us writers get together and hash things out.

I'm ready for New York again, guys!


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