Saturday, February 25, 2006

KRISSIE: Oh, They're Both Right

You wouldn't think I'd be such a little peacemaker when I'm such a brazen wench, but when I'm stuck between Miz Jenny and Eileen the Irish Shillelagh (think a big stick that whaps everybody upside the head, as opposed to an Irish Sheela Na Gig, which you really don't want to know about) I end up as demure as a saintly little nun, always agreeing with both of them because I don't dare to do anything else.
So, yup, Eileen was drinking too much champagne and even I was drinking too much champagne and there was that damned limo we were supposed to climb into before we got out in front of two thousand of our peers and made total fools of ourselves, and I said "of course" and Jenny said "of course" and here we are.
The thing is, we all have deadlines up the wazoo, we have our own distinct styles and work habits (watch Eileen's eyes glaze over every time Jenny says the word "matrix") and we're jumping into this like naked teenage boys at the local watering hole. Like tanned, lean, golden-skinned nineteen year old boys who ...
Stop it, Krissie!
You can see the erotic part won't be a problem for me.
So we're in the midst of controlled chaos, having a blast, and you all get to be witness. And you'll notice that while they pretend to be well-behaved at all times, neither of them are ever going to be confused with a nun, and I'm the epitome of restraint and perfect manners and really an absolute lady at all times, compared to those two hoydens.
I still don't understand how I ended up being the moderate one, but I guess the world of writing is full of surprises.
And we've got a lot of them coming up.
Where's the champagne?


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